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Highpointing in Sweden
This is the home page for High Pointing in Sweden. Here you will find a complete listing of all the county and province high points. For some of them, you will also be able to find maps, together with hiking and driving directions.
Webmaster on Blekinge High Point You may wonder: What is high pointing? High pointing is to visit the highest point in each defined geographical area. So with that said, you have to define "Which are the geographical area's of your interest?" We started out by defining these areas as the Swedish provinces (in Swedish 'landskap'), which is a very old way of dividing the country in regions. But, nowadays these provinces has no economical impact, since they long ago was replaced by counties (in Swedish 'län'). Therefore we decided to make two separate lists of the Swedish high points.
The highest mountain in Sweden, the southern summit of Kebnekaise and the knife edge ridge. We have compiled a complete listing for both provinces and counties. However, so far we have only visited a few and therefore we will continue to add information to these pages as we go...

The original idea for high pointing is American. Check out Highpointers Club where you find a lot of useful information for the 50 US high points.

Please notify the webmaster concerning additional and/or incorrect information, or just to chat a bit about high pointing.
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